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Acura is the luxury vehicle brand of Japanese automaker Honda Motor Company and has been in the US since March 1986. Acura was the first Japanese luxury brand to appear, and its initial offerings consisted of two models: the Legend and the Integra. In 1990, Acura introduced the NSX, a midship V6 powered, rear-wheel-drive sports car. The NSX, an acronym for "New Sports eXperimental", was billed as the first Japanese car capable of competing with Ferrari and Porsche. This vehicle served as a halo car for the Acura brand. The NSX was the world's first all-aluminum production car.

Acura gained prominence again in the 1990s with a young group of customers: tuner enthusiasts. Parent company Honda's reputation with this demographic as a maker of "easy-to-tune" and "rev-happy" engines rubbed off onto Acura, and the Integra became a popular tuner car.

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