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Subaru is the automobile manufacturing division of Japanese transportation conglomerate Fuji Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. (FHI). FHI started out as "The Aircraft Research Laboratory" in 1917 headed by Chikuhei Nakajima. In 1931, the company was reorganized as "Nakajima Aircraft Company, Ltd", the main airplane manufacturer for Japan in WWII. Fast forward 20 years and Kenji Kita, the CEO of Fuji Heavy Industries in 1950, wanted the company to be involved in car manufacturing, and chose the name Subaru to grace its first car, the Subaru P1 in 1954. The company is named after the star cluster Pleiades; in Japanese the name is "", which roughly translated into English means, "to govern", "unite", or "gather together". The company logo reflects the star design.

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