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Jaguar History
On September 4, 1922, in Blackpool, England, two young motorcycle enthusiasts, William Lyons and William Walmsley, set up the Swallow Sidecar Company to produce sidecars for motorcycles. The company continued to make sidecars until the advent of WWII.

In 1926 the company built the small Austin Seven, a "people's car" of rather spartan design. Soon after the company changed its name to the Swallow Sidecar and Coachbuilding Co. and moved to a larger manufacturing space. There it made custom bodies for such cars as Morris, Fiat, Wolseley, Swift, and Standard. In 1933 the name of the company was changed to SS Cars Ltd. with Lyons becoming managing director. He bought his partner out in 1936. The SS Jaguar name first appeared on a 2.5 litre "saloon" in 1935. The Jaguar name was given to the entire company by 1945.

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